Sunday, May 8, 2022

Bunches of New 52T's

I recently acquired a bunch of 52T's. This is not a set that I've ever put much focus into. At 88 cards, I'm still only 21% into this set. All of the rest of my 1950's Topps sets are above 90% except 57T, which is at 52%. I think one of the big reasons I've lagged on this set is that 25% of the set is nearly unattainable as high numbers. That is without regard to whether they are stars or commons. For the rest of the 75% of the set there are also unattainable cards, but that wasn't as much of a deterrent since that's typical for any vintage set. Another factor was that commons for this set were priced much higher than 51T or 53T commons, so I was led in those directions. The premium probably came from people's beliefs that this was the first Topps set, but I never considered this to be true. Topps produced a 104-card set (106 w/ variations) in 1951. For me, that was enough to make the 52T premium unwarranted. Anyway, I'm running out of other cards to purchase so I found these cards as a decent price. Here they are.

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