Monday, October 4, 2021

2004 Topps Complete Set #1-733

With the listing of my 2004 Topps set for sale, I'm really starting to cut into my collection from return to collecting period.  From 2001-2003, I started back up after a 10-year hiatus.  From 2004-2006, I was was starting to slow down my modern collecting.  In 2007, I sold off my modern collection and then returned back to it again in 2013.  In 2018, I gave up modern cards for good.  So what happened in 2004-2006 that caused a slight slowdown in modern card interest?  This was the rise of the anti-Barry Bonds movement in Topps.  The Giants had finally made it back to the World Series in 2002 and Bonds was breaking records.  Steroids talk had not yet become all that anyone could talk about.  That started between 2003-2004.  Bonds almost didn't get a Topps card in 2004.  I was already starting to get tired of the retired #7 card, which returned in 2006 but was missing #297.  Overall, I really liked the 2004 set.  What doesn't make sense to me is that the Molina RC has a $100 BV, but the set has a $60.  Next up, I'll show some of my 04TT set and then all the bonus cards before moving down to 2003.  

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