Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Respect the Set: 63T

I just acquired one of the set's Top 4 cards after Pete Rose $1500 and Mickey Mantle $600, Roberto Clemente $500 and Willie Stargell $500 round out this set's key cards.  With the recent acquisition of Willie Stargell's RC, I now have all but Pete Rose RC, which I don't plan to ever get.  Up until just recently, Stargell's RC was listed at $120, but jumped to $500 along with other big names recently.  I'm not one to jump onto price jumps (fads), but Stargell #553 has been selling as though it were worth $500 for the past decade--now it's official.  Since it was already overpriced, the card sales haven't really jumped in price much yet.  I got this one for $94.27 after all shipping and taxes.  To round out my set, I also purchased another overpriced high-number Rookie Stars #549.  This brings my total set count to 556 of 576 (missing 20 cards).  I fully expect to be able to acquire 19 of the 20 (except P. Rose).  The biggest missing name is now Curt Flood $40.  My overall 60's decade count is now 64 cards short of completion from 4 different sets.    

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