Thursday, August 5, 2021

Today's Mailbox 48B/51B

My 48B #5 Bob Feller finally came in and passed the authenticity test.  It was inserted into the first slot where the only card for the 1948 World Series champions is located within my binder.  The losers of the World Series, the Boston Braves, had 3 different cards in this set.  The only missing card needed to complete the first page of my 48B binder is Phil Rizzuto.  

Vic Raschi was inserted next to Phil Rizzuto near the front of my 51 binder, which represents the middle year of the Yankees' 5 in a row World Series victories from 49-53.

Easily mistaken for Yankees cards at first glance, the Washington Senators get a new Mickey Harris original in the 51B set.  


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