Sunday, August 1, 2021

It's been a while for 48B additions

A rare find this morning with the addition of a 48B #5 Bob Feller to my collection.  This now brings my 48B set up to 43 cards out of 48 total for 89% completion.  The card cost me $36 + $4.49 shipping + $2.83 tax = $43.32 total.  I paid 17.3% of the $250 BV, which is a little more than the 10%-15% BV range I try to stay within.  Feller cards are one of those undervalued players that typically sell for much higher than what Beckett lists him for.  With only 5 cards left, my sights are now set on #47 Bobby Thomson, #8 Phil Rizzuto, and #38 Red Schoendienst next.  

     It is worth noting that of all the post-1948 vintage I've collected, the most trouble I've had with counterfeiting has been with this set.  I can tell the difference once I get the card in hand, but for online purchases, I'm always certain to research the seller first.  I look at the seller's score, ratings, and what other cards they have for sale.  If a seller has nothing but a few key cards like a 33G Babe Ruth and a 52T Mickey Mantle, then there could be an issue.  The following link is an example of a counterfeit seller for a 48B #36 Stan Musial RC for $25: 1948 Bowman Stan Musial #36 Rookie PR-FR condition | eBay.  He also has a 53T Willie Mays that's obviously been filed around the edges.  It's really frustrating that people do this, but I don't and won't collect graded cards.  If I can't trust whether I can buy an authentic card, then I don't collect that card or even the set at all.  I've purchased a few graded cards that were reasonably priced from 1948-1956.  Those cards are no longer in their cases and sitting in binder pages like the rest of my collection.  I trust that this Bob Feller purchase is solid, but we'll find out for sure when it comes in and I place it with the rest of my collection.   

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