Thursday, August 19, 2021

51B's Falling from the Sky

It's like I found a 1951 Bowman tree and have just been shaking these bad boys down from the sky.  Imagine that!  Honestly, these things actually cost me.  Readers know that my August goal was to exceed 50% set completion.  Well, I demolished that goal.  Yes, the seller that sent me the wrong package exchanged it for the correct 12 cards at no additional cost.  The Joe Garagiola RC below bring my collection up to 184 cards (56% set completion).  The $80 card cost me $9 + $1.75 shipping + $0.75 tax = $11.50 total (14% BV).  Now, my price guide from 2018 says this is a $100 card, but the 2021 magazine I looked at on the shelf is showing it having gone down to $80.  Actually, a couple of cards have gone down according to Beckett.  Ted Williams went down from $800 to $600 and Roy Campanella went down from $300 to $250.  The reason I give you the full cost breakdown is because I've seen a bunch of people on other websites not including shipping and taxes into their purchase prices.  They'll say something like they got a card for $0.25 when they paid $3.95 for shipping and another $0.50 for tax.  To me, that would be an almost $5 card.  What you paid is what you paid.  Anyways, moving forward my new goal is to reach 200 cards by the end of the year.  That'll probably happen by October, but I don't want to set the bar too high since I've already poured a bunch into this set.  Truly, I'm looking to fill out my Bowman collection before it becomes the new hype, and prices skyrocket like 50's-60's Topps.  I can't even get an $8 common from the 64T set for under $10-$12 when I would expect to get it for under $2.  It's crazy.      


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