Monday, August 9, 2021

51B Yankees, Giants, and Dodgers

What can be more exciting than the title of this post?  Well, it's not all that exciting.  My lastest acquisition has a portion of all 3 of these teams displayed in my set binder.  Can you tell the difference between the originals and reprints?  It shouldn't be too difficult since I collect lower grade vintage.  The Preacher Roe acquisition came from Sportlots, which is a site that I'm using less and less these days.  This measly 1-card purchase used to be larger orders of up to 100 cards, but the prices are often no better than Ebay anymore.  Worse yet, I don't even get to see the card that I am committing to purchase oftentimes.  I do miss when vintage commons could be found for 5%-10% BV, but those days are gone for now.  The Preacher Roe acquisition was a decent purchase at somewhere between 10%-12% BV.  The Sal Maglie acquisition was a full 20% BV purchase, which is double of what I used to pay for vintage Bowman.  It's now the standard online though, and still a better deal than some of the others I'm finding these days.  By the way, the Ebay seller that sent me the 11-1960's cards instead of the 12-1951 cards finally reached out to me 4 days later.  He said someone else received a wrong package and that he'd send me a return label and "swap out the packages".  There was no apology for the inconvenience; no offer for a bonus; nothing.  He was very cold and matter-of-fact.  He's a big name seller with overpriced packaging that is "okay" to purchase from as long as you don't have a problem.  I wonder what would have happened if no one else claimed to receive a wrong package?  A 10% refund or a free card would be appropriate.  Well, at least it looks like I'll be getting those 12 Bowmans, which brings my collection to 166 of 324, or 51% BV.  Next goal will be to achieve 60% BV, or 195 cards, unless I move to another project first.  It's all about value for me, so as long as the deals are decent, 51B is where I'm at.


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