Monday, August 16, 2021

1963 Topps #480 Bill Monbouquette, Boston Red Sox

With the recent boom in card prices, there's really been only one missed opportunity that I'd somewhat consider to be a regret--and it's not 1963 Topps.  I passed up on the opportunity to get a few stars from the 56T set for $15-$45 that are now bottoming out at over $200.  I can think of at least 5 cards from that set that I could have easily purchased only a couple of years ago, that I'd now be glad I did.  Oh, and the 59T Gibson that I need to complete the set is now outrageously priced too.  The point is that we often focus on the missed opportunities more than all of the opportunities that we've taken.  63T was not a missed opportunity for me.  Although this was the last of the 1960's cards that I collected, I still made enough progress on this set early on to reach the point where I'm now telling you that I'm only missing 25 cards to complete the set.  That's 551 out of 576 cards for a 95% completion rate.  It's unbelievable to recall that when I first broke into the 1960's cards with the 69T set that I'd reach.  I spend most of my time collecting 1950's Topps and Bowman now, but there are still a few needs from 4 different 1960's sets that I look out for from time to time.  Overall, my 1960's collection is only missing 69 cards.  That 3 cards from 67T, 5 cards from 64T, 25 cards from 63T, and 36 cards from 61T.  I just did the math and realized that 61T is missing more than all 3 other sets combined.  That's going to be the tough one.  I might eventually get 1-2 more from 67T, but that Seaver is out of my reach.  64T is just playing hard to get and could be completed at any moment really.  63T will always be missing Pete Rose and maybe Stargell.  That's about 2-3 cards I'll never get from the 1960's.  61T is a wildcard.  There's nothing really missing there that should be out of reach, but the high-numbers are just outrageous overall.  It's easier to collect 1950's cards right now than to go after 61T highs.     


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