Sunday, July 11, 2021

Vintage Card Culture Shock!!!

    So I walked into Barnes & Nobles today while my wife went to get a Starbucks coffee and I grabbed a Beckett Vintage Magazine to flip through.  What I saw inside completely blew me away.  77T-79T are valued at $500 each?  Wow!!!.  70T and 72T equally valued at $4000 each?  Wow!!!  The entire vintage set market has skyrocketed, and Beckett has noticed.  Unbelievable!!!.  The 54T #94 Ernie Banks RC card that was once valued at $1,500 is not valued at $6,000.  Insane!!!    I paid $117 for mine.  I can't believe the listed book values for vintage Topps.  Amazing!!! I just wish I was able to grab a few key cards before all of this started.  Well, I got most of them anyways.  
    By the way, my modern card "sell-off" has now reached down to 2004.  I started selling off my modern cards in 2018 in reverse chronological order.  After selling my 2005 Topps Traded set today, I'm ready to start breaking up my 2004 collection for sale.  I'm hoping to get rid of the rest of my 21st century cards within the next few years, so I can start working on breaking up my 90's collection.  Anything after 1991 is worthless to me.  I'm also trying to get rid of my pre-1948 cards.  I have 1922 American Caramel, 1933 Goudey, and 1939-1940 Play Ball to break up.  1948-1991 is where I ultimately want my collection to stand.    


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