Thursday, July 15, 2021

Stacking 63T's Beyond Belief

As recent of perhaps 5 years ago, I probably only had a couple hundred random cards from the 63T set with little intention of making a serious run at building a substantial collection for this set.  In fact, 1963 was the last of the 60's sets that I was interested in completing for a number of reasons and I never thought that I'd get very far in gaining a respectable collection.  Well, most of that has definitely changed in the past 5+ years.  With the following 2 recent acquisitions, I'm now only 30 cards away from completing this set (546 / 576 = 94%).  I certainly don't ever expect to acquire a Pete Rose RC--maybe even a Willie Stargell RC to a growing extent--but everything else is certainly game.  I fully expect to within 2 cards of completing this set before 2025.  For my 60's collection, I'm only 77 cards away from completing the decade (5920 / 5997 = 98%).  Most of the missing cards are from the 61T and 63T sets.  Other than that, I'm only missing 5 cards from 64T and 3 cards from 67T.   


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