Tuesday, July 27, 2021

So many new 51B's...

I consider myself to be a strictly Topps flagship set collector, but how do I explain collecting the 48-55 Bowman sets then?  I guess to me, these old Bowman sets are like the alter ego to the Topps sets.  They help make a seamless transition to Topps through the 50B and 51T, which are the same-sized cards.  Since many players only signed a deal with one brand or another, the two sets also complement each other with different players.  Needless to say, these old Bowmans form a very important part of my early collection that Topps couldn't do alone.  However, Bowman doesn't get much respect in the set pricing arena, which good for set building.  Here are some of the set pricing comparisons from a current Beckett Vintage: [52T=$150,000 ~ 52B=$10,000], [53T=$20,000 ~ 53B=$14,500], [54T=$20,000 ~ 54B=$8,000], and [55T=$15,000 ~ 55B=$6,000].  Now the 51B at $40,000 blows the 51T set out of the water at $2500, which is the only outlier.  A notable mention is the 53B set, which gets some comparable respect.  Anyhow, here's a bunch of new 51B's coming to my collection.  Sorry about the photo quality.


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