Friday, July 30, 2021

Replacing 51B/52B Reprints with Originals

Just received a stack of 30 different 1951-1952 Bowmans.  I'll sort and organize them into my set binders with you.  

Divided them up by teams, but then realized I had a mixed batch of 51's and 52's.  They're really easy to tell apart by the players name.  51's have block print lettering.  52's have autographs.

Then I pull out my set binders, which are organized by team performance with players from oldest to youngest.  After that, I pull out the reprints and insert the originals.  My 51B set is really starting to grow now at 41% complete.  I anticipate reaching over 50% completion by the end of this summer at the current rate of acquisition.  I have some heavy hitters on the way.  The 52B is is at about 25% completion, but I will see how 51B goes first.  

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