Friday, July 23, 2021

Another 61T Milestone Acquisition: Mickey Mantle MVP

There's been two 61Tcards lingering out there I that needed to close the gaps in my set--and Mickey Mantle #475 was one of them.  The other one is Juan Marichal #417.  With this recent acquisition, my 61T checklist now only has one hole in it.  Otherwise, we're talking about 36 missing high-numbers from #524-586.  That's bearable, but that missing Marichal is annoying.  My 2018 vintage almanac says this card has a $200 BV, but I know that Beckett has finally been changing their pricing lately, so I wouldn't be surprised if this card has a $250 BV or more.  Overpaid my under $40 hopes by a little since this card cost me $40 + $4 shipping + $3.19 tax = $47.19 total.  This acquisition also completes a complete run of every Mantle card from 1958-1969, although I may have fewer older ones sprinkled in there too.        


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