Sunday, July 18, 2021

All Roads Lead to Mantle in 53B

Spoiler Alert: There are no Mantles in this post.  Actually, the point is that with the following 2 new acquisitions, my 53B Color series is now only 1 card away from missing only Mantle.  The Cloyd Boyer acquisition is from the 16-card mid-series from #113-128 release that commands some of the highest prices for Color commons.  The Clem Koshorek acquisition is from the final series that are also higher priced, but not so much as the mid-series.  Since I don't ever expect to acquire the Mantle for the Color series, the only card I'm now missing is #135 Bobby Morgan.  I'm sure you'll see a post soon regarding the "substantial" completion of the 53B Color series soon.          


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