Thursday, July 22, 2021

52T Overrated No More

 Growing up in the 1980's, I always learned that 1952 was Topps' set.  Well, I found out different years later when I got out of the Army and started collecting cards again in 2001.  At the time, I couldn't understand why the rookie set had been ignored and much easier to acquire than the second-year set.  51T cards were the same size as 48B, 49B, and 50B cards, so it made perfect sense.  I decided to collect the 51T set instead and then purchased the reprint set of 52T for familiarity.  Now that I've completed 51T (and nearly completed 53T, 54T, and 55T),  it naturally makes sense to begin looking at 52T.  With card prices either rising far above BV, or Beckett now actually changing BV's, I've had to relook at what I think is a good deal out there in the market.  For 52T, common cards with a $40 BV is much higher than any other Topps/Bowman common card prices in the 1950's.  Fortunately, 52T commons haven't risen much further above BV than the other card prices, making collecting 52T commons more attractive to me right now.  Here are 4 new ones for me.

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