Wednesday, July 28, 2021

51B Acquisition of the Day

 Through the flood of 51B's coming in, I recently picked up a notable hall of famer to spotlight.  It cost me $18 + $1 shipping + $1.33 tax = $20.33 total.  It lists for $200 BV in my 2018 Beckett Almanac, but I see that in my June/July 2021 Beckett Vintage, it's now listed for only $120.  I'm not sure I agree with the new listing here.  A 40% price drop seems pretty significant.  Perhaps a hidden gem.  I also noticed that Whitey Ford #1 dropped from $2500 down to $1500.  I think that is probably a more realistic drop. The excessively high price in the past was rumored to be because card #1's were destroyed by rubber bands, but it seems that the Whitey Ford RC received extra special attention.  I could even see Ford's card dropping down to $1000, but in this current market, $1,500 may be reasonable.  As far as Pee Wee Reese, I'm not so sure.  I always thought that his cards were a little overpriced in comparison with other players of similar caliber due to the fact that he was willing to put his arm around Jackie Robinson.  With the 40% price drop, I guess integration doesn't need him anymore.  Only time will tell I guess.  I also noticed that Bob Feller finally gained some respect.  His cards always sold for more than twice BV, and Beckett is finally recognizing this fact by increasing his card from $120 to $200.  Now I won't feel so bad seeking out some of his cards but I think his cards are still being undervalued by Beckett.  Perhaps $300-$350 is more appropriate for his 51B.  


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