Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Closing in on the 1955 Bowman Set

What does closing in on a truly vintage set look like? Well, with today's acquisition of #264 Bill Henry, I'm only missing to common cards to complete the set.  So who is this Bill Henry that he'd be so hard to find that I'd have to wait until my last 3 cards in the set before finding him?  He's a $15 common card that I've just never been able to find between 10%-15% BV.  He played for 6 different teams from 1952-1969.  1955 was Bill's final year with the Red Sox before going back down to the Minors for a couple years.  He'd be back to the Majors in 1958 with the Cubs, 1960 with the Reds, 1965 with the Giants, 1968 with the Pirates, and 1969 with the Astros.  Bill led the National League in Games Played in 1959, he made it to both All-Star teams in 1960, and then he appeared in 2 games of the World Series against the Yankees in 1961.  In 1968, he was the oldest player in the National League.  I don't really know why this card has been so difficult for me to find, but know that it's over, I have my mind set on #240 Billy Loes $20BV and #249 Billy Gardner RC $20BV.  


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