Thursday, June 3, 2021

1963 continues moving past 1961

 As I continue acquiring more and more cards from the 63T set, 61T is starting to get left behind in the dust.  At one point, I was so far behind with the 63T set that I thought for sure it would continue to would far behind the rest of the 60's decade collection in my set building efforts.  Now missing only 38 cards, 63T (93.4%) has just moved passed 61T (93.3%), which is missing 39 cards.  Yes, it's official.  Except for #537 Pete Rose RC, and maybe #553 Willie Stargell RC, collecting the rest of the 63T set shouldn't be a big issue if this "Boom Era" ever returns back to normal.     


This #470 Tom Tresh Yankees SP acquisition was a addition to my collection at $6 + $0.42 tax = $6.42 total.  With a $60 BV value, I was able to get this card for just over 10% BV, which is increasingly rare these days.  This card also completes all of the High-Number SP's in my 63T collection.   

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