Saturday, June 26, 2021

Collecting 53B's the Right Way

 Well, I did it.  Stuck to my guns and finally found a 53B card for under 10% BV.  This 53B #27 Bob Lemon HOF card was purchased today for $15.00 + $1.05 S&H = $16.05.  The card has a $175 BV, so total costs were just over 9% BV.  Now the handwritten tag on the photo says it has a $135 BV, which is incorrect.  I use the "unreliable" Beckett values, which are consistently "wrong" and never updated.  This Hall of Famer addition brings my 53B set to 201 of 224 total cards for just under 90% completion.

Monday, June 14, 2021

High-number cards in the '80s? Of course not!

 If you grew up collecting baseball cards in the '80's like me, you probably weren't as familiar with dealing with the high-number scarcities prevalent in the '50s-'60s cards.  High-number scarcity ended with the 1973 Topps set.  Years later, collectors that didn't remember collecting in the pre-1974 era going to be as willing to pay the extravagant prices that were once demanded from sellers.  Finding vintage high numbers at 5%-10% BV was relatively simple from 2000-2015, but things have changed.  Topps came up with a genius idea to infuse high-number scarcity back into the modern sets in the 2000's.  Now modern collectors understand the concept, and with vintage card  pricing sky-rocketing these days, finding already overpriced high-numbers for under 25% BV has become tough.

Five years ago, I was hesitant to purchase 63T high-number commons for even 10% BV at $2.50 each.  Good luck finding them for $5.00 today.  Well, today I found a 63T #544 Rusty Staub RC for $17 + $1.19 tax = $18.19 and decided to make the move on a newly listed 'Buy it Now' auction.  It's a $50 BV card, so my goal has always been to buy it for under $10.  I've come close plenty of times, but Rookie Star cards from the 63T set have always come at a slight premium.  I saw another Rusty Staub RC going for $10.50 with a few bidders on it and a couple of days left, so I decided not to risk it.  That card ended up going for $31 plus tax and shipping.  No I don't think that this card was worth 36% BV, but since I'm now only 33 cards from completing the set, every card addition really adds to the power of the set.  If I can get it down to missing only the the Pete Rose RC, I think this set will become very marketable.    

Saturday, June 12, 2021

VIP Tickets to HOF Induction Ceremony

Within just a few minutes of the announcement around noon on Wednesday, June 9th, I had seen the announcement in the local newspaper website that this year's HOF induction ceremony would take place live at Cooperstown.  In just over an hour, I researched to determine the validity and details of this event before calling to verify my VIP tickets still available.  Afterwards, I was actually able to reserve a room nearby for the first time in the few years that I've been attending this event.  Below is my redacted confirmation.  Tickets are free because of my membership level, but they're not actually free.  I appreciate the HOF honoring memberships from 2020 since that event was cancelled.  I'll be renewing my membership for 2022.


Friday, June 11, 2021

1964 Topps #495 Bill Virdon, Pittsburgh Pirates

It's been a long time since I've posted a new 64T card.   I found this overpriced card for 53% BV.  That's $4.99 + $0.35 tax = $5.34 out of $10.00 BV.  I should have been able to find this card for about $1-$2, but that's the boom market that we're in right now.  The importance of this acquisition is that it bring my 64T set up to 580 out of 587 cards.  The missing cards (471, 477, 481, 482, 512, 514, 541) are mostly commons with an $80 P.Niekro RC thrown in there.  It's like the late -80s all over again where sellers start at BV and go up from there.  This 53% BV Virdon is probably supposed to be a deal, but I know better than that.  When we start getting back to cards starting at BV in lower grades and going up from there, we're in danger.  Of course, Beckett hasn't changed their 20th-century pricing since Y2K, but this recent boom is something else--or is it? 

Saturday, June 5, 2021

56T set is now on the move

The recent acquisition of around 15 cards this year has recently pushed my 56T set beyond the 300-card barrier, and now past my 53T set completion rate.  At 304 of 342 cards, this set is now 88% complete with only 38 cards left to go.  Now, some of these missing cards are big stars like Banks, Aaron, Mays, Clemente, and Robinson but I do have the top cards like Mantle and Williams.  Those other stars were floating just above my 10% BV limit a few years ago, but now their well above 25% BV and out of my price range.  I'll continue to chip away at those commons and minors stars, hoping this boom era comes down soon.    


Thursday, June 3, 2021

1963 continues moving past 1961

 As I continue acquiring more and more cards from the 63T set, 61T is starting to get left behind in the dust.  At one point, I was so far behind with the 63T set that I thought for sure it would continue to would far behind the rest of the 60's decade collection in my set building efforts.  Now missing only 38 cards, 63T (93.4%) has just moved passed 61T (93.3%), which is missing 39 cards.  Yes, it's official.  Except for #537 Pete Rose RC, and maybe #553 Willie Stargell RC, collecting the rest of the 63T set shouldn't be a big issue if this "Boom Era" ever returns back to normal.     


This #470 Tom Tresh Yankees SP acquisition was a addition to my collection at $6 + $0.42 tax = $6.42 total.  With a $60 BV value, I was able to get this card for just over 10% BV, which is increasingly rare these days.  This card also completes all of the High-Number SP's in my 63T collection.   

Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Closing in on the 1955 Bowman Set

What does closing in on a truly vintage set look like? Well, with today's acquisition of #264 Bill Henry, I'm only missing to common cards to complete the set.  So who is this Bill Henry that he'd be so hard to find that I'd have to wait until my last 3 cards in the set before finding him?  He's a $15 common card that I've just never been able to find between 10%-15% BV.  He played for 6 different teams from 1952-1969.  1955 was Bill's final year with the Red Sox before going back down to the Minors for a couple years.  He'd be back to the Majors in 1958 with the Cubs, 1960 with the Reds, 1965 with the Giants, 1968 with the Pirates, and 1969 with the Astros.  Bill led the National League in Games Played in 1959, he made it to both All-Star teams in 1960, and then he appeared in 2 games of the World Series against the Yankees in 1961.  In 1968, he was the oldest player in the National League.  I don't really know why this card has been so difficult for me to find, but know that it's over, I have my mind set on #240 Billy Loes $20BV and #249 Billy Gardner RC $20BV.