Thursday, February 18, 2021

Only 100 cards to complete the 60's Decade

There are 5997 Topps base cards in the 1960's and I've now compiled 5897 of them thanks to recent acquisitions from the 63T set.  So, where are these holes in my decade collection?  There are only 4 sets left for me to collect in the 60's decade.  From least to most, 67T (-3), 64T (-8), 61T (-39), and 63T (-50).  I never imagined ever being so close to the 63T set at 91% completion.  I think the Pete Rose RC card always scared me off with its $1000 BV.  It's probably one of 2 cards I'll never own from the 60's decade--the other being the Tom Seaver RC.  What's interesting about my 63T checklist is that I now have everything marked off up to #393, which means I can focus on a small portion of the checklist instead of looking all over the 63T set for needs.  Here are a few of my new 1963's.  



  1. Very impressive indeed! Congrats on making great progress with these sets.

  2. That is already, and will be once finished, an amazing accomplishment - good luck!