Wednesday, February 17, 2021

1961 Topps #542: Minnesota Twins team card

Very key acquisition for me today with this new team card addition.  Most importantly, this card brings me to within only 1 team card to complete all the team cards in the 1961 Topps set.  Next, this is a rare find for $11 as a high number card with a $60 BV.  Vintage team cards always go for higher than other cards at a listed BV.  Getting under 25% BV when the market was still good more than 5 years ago would have been a nice find.  Getting 18% BV in the current market is a giveaway.  This acquisition also brings me to within 39 cards of set completion, and 102 card for decade completion.   

Another key aspect of this find is that this is the Minnesota Twins' 1st card.  They were stil the Washington Senators in 1960.  The entire team moved to Minnesota in 1961.  Washington ended up getting a new team in 1961 that they also called the Senators.  In 1961, the Los Angeles Angels was the other expansion franchise in the A.L. in 1961.  Two more teams would join MLB from the N.L. in 1962: New York Mets and the Houston Colt .45s (Astros).     


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