Wednesday, February 3, 2021

1956 Topps #331: Dick Hall, Pittsburgh Pirates

Dick Hall played 16 seasons between 1955-1971 for 4 different team.  His Pirates years lasted through December 1959 when he was traded to the Kansas City A's.  The Pirates must have really been making some moves towards the end of the 1950's because they ended up in the World Series in 1960.  In the meantime, Hall finished 2nd in the league in Homeruns that 1960 season.  Dick Hall would again be traded in 1961, along with Dick Williams, to the Baltimore Orioles where he would spend a majority of his career.  During the 1960's, Hall would finish in the Top 10 for Saves and Games Finished twice each.  Hall would finally get his World Series shot in each of his last 3 seasons between 1969-1971.  He was the oldest player in the American League during his last 2 seasons.  


  1. In the second half of his career, his low UNINTENTIONAL walk totals are amazing.

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