Sunday, February 28, 2021

53B Best of the Rest

This Preacher Roe acquisition is one of the better 53B cards to come into my collection in a little while.  This is primarily because I have most of the big names for this set.  B&W's from this set are already tough to find as commons.  This minor star has a catchy name that has tends to surpass the player's actual performance ability.  With a nickname like that, I hope he found his way back to the church before he passed. 


Monday, February 22, 2021

Lightning Strikes Twice on 55B

After such a long drought, I find a 2nd addition to my 55B set during the same month to bring this collection within 3 common cards of completion.  20% BV would normally be too much to pay in this condition, but vintage high numbers are really commanding a premium right now.  Frank Malzone is #302 in a 320-card set, so very high-number here.  My last 3 missing cards are 240 B.Loes, 249 B.Gardner, and 264 B.Henry.  All are either $15-$20 BV cards, which I'm looking to pay $3-$4 each for.  Right now, I can't find anything under $10 for them.       

Thursday, February 18, 2021

Only 100 cards to complete the 60's Decade

There are 5997 Topps base cards in the 1960's and I've now compiled 5897 of them thanks to recent acquisitions from the 63T set.  So, where are these holes in my decade collection?  There are only 4 sets left for me to collect in the 60's decade.  From least to most, 67T (-3), 64T (-8), 61T (-39), and 63T (-50).  I never imagined ever being so close to the 63T set at 91% completion.  I think the Pete Rose RC card always scared me off with its $1000 BV.  It's probably one of 2 cards I'll never own from the 60's decade--the other being the Tom Seaver RC.  What's interesting about my 63T checklist is that I now have everything marked off up to #393, which means I can focus on a small portion of the checklist instead of looking all over the 63T set for needs.  Here are a few of my new 1963's.  


Wednesday, February 17, 2021

1961 Topps #542: Minnesota Twins team card

Very key acquisition for me today with this new team card addition.  Most importantly, this card brings me to within only 1 team card to complete all the team cards in the 1961 Topps set.  Next, this is a rare find for $11 as a high number card with a $60 BV.  Vintage team cards always go for higher than other cards at a listed BV.  Getting under 25% BV when the market was still good more than 5 years ago would have been a nice find.  Getting 18% BV in the current market is a giveaway.  This acquisition also brings me to within 39 cards of set completion, and 102 card for decade completion.   

Another key aspect of this find is that this is the Minnesota Twins' 1st card.  They were stil the Washington Senators in 1960.  The entire team moved to Minnesota in 1961.  Washington ended up getting a new team in 1961 that they also called the Senators.  In 1961, the Los Angeles Angels was the other expansion franchise in the A.L. in 1961.  Two more teams would join MLB from the N.L. in 1962: New York Mets and the Houston Colt .45s (Astros).     


Tuesday, February 16, 2021

1955 Bowman #261: Walt Moryn, Brooklyn Dodgers

     What's so great about Walt Moryn? Well for one, he brings me to within 4 cards of completing the 1955 Bowman set.  This was the last of the original Bowman sets, which ran from 1948-1955.  All I'm missing now is 240 B.Loes, 249 B.Gardner, 264 B.Henry, and 302 F.Malzone.  These aren't really key cards I'm missing except for the fact that they're high numbers.  Completing the '55B set would be my 2nd victory over the original Bowmans.  I completed the '50B set about 5-10 years ago.  
     Cards have become so expensive that it's really tough to collect vintage these days.  There are cards I see that I could have gotten for so much cheaper just 3-5 years ago.  For example, all of the '56T stars were available within 15% BV, but I was buying at 10% BV through 2016, so there are a lot of key stars from that set that I'm just not going to be able to get.  '60s Topps high numbers have really gone through the roof in prices, so that's really becoming a challenge too.  The only 2 '60s sets I'm really missing cards from is '61T and '63T.  My '64T set is minus 8 cards, while my '67T set is minus 3 cards.  


Friday, February 12, 2021

1956 Topps #173: Johnny Podres, Brooklyn Dodgers

Johnny Podres played 15 seasons for 3 different teams from 1953-1969.  He missed the 1956 season due to military service and missed the 1968 season due to being released by the Tigers before the Padres picked him up.  Podres was an original Padres player.  He appeared on the HOF ballot 3 times between 1975-1977, but only earned up to 0.8% of the vote on his best year.  Podres was a 3/4x All-Star ('58, '60-1, '60-2, '62-2), an ERA leader ('57), and a World Series MVP ('55).  


Wednesday, February 10, 2021

1955 Topps #21 Alex Grammas, St. Louis Cardinals

I found a nice surprise in my PWE containing the 56T Frank Torre I ordered the other day.  A Free 55T Alex Grammas was also in that package.  Although I already had this card, it upgraded the one I had that is shown below.  The one I actually received was better centered with better corners.  I always enjoy upgrading my vintage sets when possible.     


Tuesday, February 9, 2021

1956 Topps #284: Ike Delock, Boston Red Sox

Ike Delock played 5 seasons in the minors from 1948-1951 before being called up for 11 seasons mostly for the Red Sox from 1952-1963.  Throughout his career, Delock was a top 10 leader in Win-Loss % ('56,'58,'59), Saves ('52,'56,'57), Games Finished ('52,'56,'57), Games Played ('56,'57), Wins ('58), and Homeruns ('60).  He was released by the Red Sox of June of 1963 and then played for a month with the Orioles before being released by them in July.  

Friday, February 5, 2021

1956 Topps #260: Harold "Pee Wee" Reese, Brooklyn Dodgers

Found this key player for a nice deal by chance.  Pee Wee was inducted into the HOF in 1984 by the Veterans Committee after not getting in during 15years on the ballot.  He played all 16 seasons for the Dodgers from 1940-1958, missing 3 seasons to serve in the military during WWII.  He played in 10 All-Star games.


Wednesday, February 3, 2021

1956 Topps #331: Dick Hall, Pittsburgh Pirates

Dick Hall played 16 seasons between 1955-1971 for 4 different team.  His Pirates years lasted through December 1959 when he was traded to the Kansas City A's.  The Pirates must have really been making some moves towards the end of the 1950's because they ended up in the World Series in 1960.  In the meantime, Hall finished 2nd in the league in Homeruns that 1960 season.  Dick Hall would again be traded in 1961, along with Dick Williams, to the Baltimore Orioles where he would spend a majority of his career.  During the 1960's, Hall would finish in the Top 10 for Saves and Games Finished twice each.  Hall would finally get his World Series shot in each of his last 3 seasons between 1969-1971.  He was the oldest player in the American League during his last 2 seasons.