Sunday, January 31, 2021

1956 Topps #289: Hal Jeffcoat, Cincinnati Reds

Hal Jeffcoat played for 3 different teams over 12 seasons between 1948-1959.  He was traded by the Cubs for Hobie Landrith after the 1955 seasons and would be traded again to the Cardinals for Jim Brosnan in mid-1959.  During his first couple of seasons Jeffcoat would often find himself in the league Top 10 for Stolen Bases, Strikeouts, and Sacrifice Hits.  By the mid-1950's, he was often finding himself in the league Top 10 for Games Played, Games Started, Games Finished, and Saves.  In 1957, Jeffcoat was actually the league runner-up for most Homeruns.  In 1960, Jeffcoat finish out his career with the AAA Seattle Rainiers. 


Friday, January 29, 2021

1956 Topps #314: Hobie Landrith, Chicago Cubs

Hobie Landrith was called up to the Majors after only 1 year in the Minors in 1950.  After 6 years with the Reds, he was traded to the Cubs for Hal Jeffcoat.  He would play for 5 other teams during his 14 year career through 1963.  As a catcher, Hobie had a few seasons in the Top 5 for Puouts, Assists, and Double Plays Turned.  In 1956, he would be 2nd in Stolen Bases as a catcher.


Wednesday, January 27, 2021

1956 Topps #336: Ellis Kinder, St. Louis Cardinals

I have a string on new '56T cards entering into my collection in the next few posts.  So how does this impact my '50s collection?  Well, there are 9 sets from 1951-1959.  I have 5 sets that are 99%-100% complete, leaving 4 sets that I'm truly working on.  Of the 4 sets I'm working on, the 56T set is 2nd most complete behind the 53T set.  I currently have 271 of 342 total cards for 78% completion.  That leaves only 71 "big" cards left to go.  

Ellis Kinder played 12 seasons for 5 different teams from 1946-1957.  Kinder actually went through the Minor League as a Yankees player from 1941-1943.  He continued in the Minors with the St. Louis Browns, until being called up to the Majors in 1946.  After 2 seasons in the Majors with the Browns, Kinder was traded to the Red Sox where he would spend 8 seasons from 1948-1955.  Afterwards, Kinder would spend a season with the White Sox, then the Cardinals, and then the White Sox.  

He actually received 1.5% of HOF ballot voting in 1964.  He was the Sporting News Pitcher of the Year in 1949 where he came in 1st in Win-Loss Percentage and Shutouts, as well as 2nd in Wins for the American League.  Kinder had multiple seasons in the League Top 2 for both Games Played, Games Finished, and Saves.  At 42-43 years old, Kinder was the Leagues Oldest Player in the Majors in 1956 and 1957.  


Tuesday, January 26, 2021

1963 Topps #401: Jim Bouton, New York Yankees

My most incomplete set of the 60's decade, I'm now missing only 62 cards out of this 576 card set with the acquisition of Jim Bouton.  This isn't a claim to be closing in on the 1963 set because so many of these cards were hard to get even before we entered into this hyper-inflated era.  Vintage is just impossible to collect through online sources right now.  I wonder how card shows are doing right now.  


Monday, January 25, 2021

1964 Topps #472 Vern Law, Pittsburgh Pirates

Big acquisition towards a near complete set.  From 9 down to 8 missing cards to complete this once easy to collect set.  High-numbers in 1964 used to barely be inflated, but things seem to have changed.  Most of my 8 missing cards aren't even in the final series, but are still advertised for nearly $10 each, which is more than full book value for commons.  Vern Law cost me $4.29 after taxes and shipping, which is 42% BV and way to high for my 20%-25% standard, but is a deal during this hyper-inflation age.  


Saturday, January 23, 2021

1961 Topps #543 Roger Craig, Los Angeles Dodgers

I don't get an opportunity to post on the 1961 Topps set very often anymore.  Roger Craig brings me down to only 40 cards to complete the set.  All but 2 of my missing cards are from the final series.  Juan Marichal and Mickey Mantle MVP are the only other cards outside the final series I need.  For the entire 60's decade, I'm missing about 113 cards from 4 different sets, so 1961 represents about 1/3 of those needs.  It's hard to believe that this set is now 60 years old.  I guess that also makes the original 1951 set to be 70 years old now.      


Tuesday, January 19, 2021

2005 Topps Update Set #UH1-UH330

I've owned this set for nearly 16 years now, but last week, I dis-integrated it from my 2005 Topps collection for sale.  I've been selling off all of my modern collection since 2018 when I broke apart my 2017 set and began breaking apart my sets in reverse chronological order.  It takes me a while to break apart these sets because they are integrated with base sets, update sets, bonus sets, and promo sets, etc.  This set had many different bonus sets like team variations and rookie variations.  As you can see, I put these sets together by team.  Each team is ordered from oldest player to youngest player, which really integrates various cards like intertwining your fingers together.  Teams are organized by World Series winner, then loser, then how far each team gets into the playoffs.  Tie breaker is regular season winning percentage.  If regular season winning percentage is the same then I just pick my favorite team or pick whoever was less games back within their division.  When first purchased the 2005 Topps update set, it was considered a nothing set.  They came in factory boxes that often resulted in incomplete sets for some reason.  Verlander, McCutchen, and Braun seem to be the big names in the set now.  I remember attending Verlander's first game as an Astros player in Seattle.  It was doggy night, and we got to watch that game together.     

Sunday, January 17, 2021

Completion of the 55B Umpires

I recently added a new card to my 55B set that not only brought me within 5 cards of set completion, but also completed the 31-card subset of umpire cards for me.  It's been a long road getting this far with the color TV set, and now the final countdown finally begins.  


Saturday, January 16, 2021

2005 Topps Complete Set #1-734

I finally got around to breaking down my 2005 Topps set into its individual components.  Here are a few pics of the base set, which consists of 733 total cards.  This was the last year that card #7 was retired for Mickey Mantle between 1997-2005.  Mantle would again be re-retired a few years later.  I will post more photos from my 2005 set as I begin to list my other subsets from this collection.      

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

...and another Classic from 1953 Bowman

This rare find seemed to come out of nowhere.  Perhaps, since I'm no longer combing through online listings as often as I used to, decent deals build up.  53B's are still double what they used to be only 5 years ago, but they're still a better fraction of BV than many other cards around their era.  Rocky Bridges only died 6 years ago this month.  He played in the majors from 1951-1961 mostly for the Cincinnati Reds.  He had an All Star season in 1958.   

Sunday, January 10, 2021

A Shiny Penny for my 1953 Bowman Set

Nice slightly overpriced addition to my 1953 Bowman Set.  Karl Drews is a mid-series card, which is the most short-printed color series.  This addition leaves me short only 5 color cards to complete the set.