Tuesday, December 15, 2020

First Purchase in Months: 1955 Bowman #257

For the first time in months, I've finally added to my collection at an affordable price.  Tom Alston cost me $3.19 after shipping and taxes ($1.49 + $1.49 + $0.20).  The ideal price for this $15.00 card would have been $3.00, so this isn't bad at all.  Unfortunately, I don't see this as a trend, but more as a fluke.  I have not been to any card shows in a few years now, but as for online shopping, I see prices inflated to unbelievable rates.  As an online seller, I see taxes and fees making it difficult to even be worth selling the card, as well as buyers demanding the most extravagant shipping methods, or leaving negative feedback even if a card was received in advertised condition.  A stamped envelop is a perfectly fine method for sending a card in a semi-rigid sleeve.  I charge $0.99 for that which certainly doesn't cover the listing and final value fees.  Stamps, envelopes, paper, and card sleeve costs all make $0.99 shipping a great deal.  No, there'll be no tracking, but I've only had 2 complaints of packages not received in almost 20 years.