Saturday, July 18, 2020

Diamonds in the Rough: 51B

Guess who just found 19 new 1951 Bowmans?  You guessed it.  What an unbelievable find.  My 51B collection just increased by 42% overnight (from 45 to 64 cards).  It might only be a small dent in the bigger picture of 324 cards, but with only 1 more acquisition, I can be at 20% set completion.  I think working to 25% completion will be fun, so I'll be looking for an additional 17 cards in the near future.  What I like about this set is that they are all familiar to me after completing the 1950 Bowman set.  The first 252 cards are nearly exact replicas of the previous year, but with larger photos, but with names on the front too.  I had to learn these players through their photos only with the 50B set.  Also, the 50B set had a low number shortage of 72 cards, so players like Joe Page below were hard to get, but easier with 51B.  I have bids on 2 more cards, so hopefully I get that 1 needed to make this collection reach 20%.  I also have the reprint set so that all cards are integrated.  These originals will replace the reprints, which will be listed for sale.   These acquisitions also bring my 48B-55B collection to well over 60% completion.  Of the 1903 early Bowman cards ever made, I am only missing 747 of them.  Yeah, that number isn't going down very far anytime soon.

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