Wednesday, July 15, 2020

1955 Bowman #'s 290 & 306

Added Bob Cerv of the Yankees and Hershell Freeman of the Red Sox to my collection today.  That leaves only 10 more cards to complete the set.  All that left are: Birdie Tebbetts MGR, Billy Loes, Billy Gardner RC, Tom Alston RC, Walt Moryn RC, Bill Henry RC, Clyde McCullough, Dusty Boggess UMP, Frank Malzone RC, and Jocko Conlan UMP.  Nothing major, right?  The Bob Cerv acquisition represented my highest number addition gain, leaving only 2 more cards in the 300's.  The other 8 missing cards are high-numbers from 232-297.  Out of the 8 Bowman sets released from 1948-1955, this will probably be my 2nd completion after 1950 Bowman.  1954 is essentially complete but missing Mickey Mantle and Ted Williams.  My 3rd completion will probably be 1953 Bowman, but will take a few years, whereas 1955 Bowman should be done within only a couple of years.  My 1948 Bowman set isn't doing too bad either at 41 out of 48.  The only problem is that my last 7 cards have skyrocketed into outer space.  

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  1. wow...I almost have the '55 Bowman but nowhere near the others...good luck with your pursuits...I hope to have the 1955 Bowman done by the end of the year...probably wont happen...'53 set is tough with all the SPs....I have no idea about the '54 set