Monday, June 29, 2020

Some Overpriced 64T's

Added some new 64's to my collection of 573 out of 584.  Besides a Phil Niekro RC, all I need are commons and minor stars like these, but they're hard to get these days.  $8 and $15 cards used to cost me $0.80-$1.50 and $1.50-$3.00.  Now people want $5+ just to talk.  Of course, yellow bubble mailers are destroying the set-building industry.  It costs $4+ just to ship a card valued under $1, which often raises the price floor to $5--anything less than that and the seller is giving away the card.  Start using PWE's.  Tri-fold a piece of paper and put the card in a semi-rigid holder so it doesn't get ripped up in the machine. Up to 4-5 cards can be shipped with one stamp.  I ship 65T Mantle's like this.           

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