Saturday, June 6, 2020

Chipping away at 63T

     Admittedly, 63T has been my most neglected set of the 1960's.  Sometimes adding a new card to my collection just feels like a moot point because I'm just so far away from completion.  Being far away from completion is such a relative term in baseball card collection.  For 63T, it's been a slow painful journey.  It seems like every card was always extravagantly priced above BV.  Finding deals has been an agonizing journey of typing each card search in one by one, day after day, waiting to find a card priced within my acceptable range.  Many times, I'd just overlook this set because I knew that there'd be no deals to be found.  As I've learned as a vintage set collector, one card can easily turn into a collection.  I'm down to 90 missing cards in this 576-card set.  I'll never complete it with the Pete Rose RC, and I still can't see over the hill on this journey, but it's starting to shape up real nicely.  I found this Clemente for under 10% BV and a few good deals below.   As I near completion on the rest of the 1960's decade, I'm sure the 63T set will start to become more front and center for my wantlist.

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