Saturday, March 21, 2020

I Need to Put My Cards Away

I've been getting new packages in the mail, but the cards have been just stacking up next to my computer.  They'll get put away eventually.  Here's what's come in so far. 

I didn't need this one.

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

1953 Bowman Color #117: Duke Snider

Looking really good on 53B set compilation.  Still missing 11 cards valued at $100 or more but that's out of 34 total.  Snider was one of those big name acquisitions, of course, with a $600 BV.  Besides Mantle, the next big names on the list are Bob Feller, Billy Martin, and Casey Stengel.  Everything else is barely valued over $100.  I'd say that I'm starting to take ownership of this set.  Sorry, I don't own a single card from 2020.  

Monday, March 9, 2020

1953 Bowman #120: Marlin Stuart, St Louis Browns

Can't stop chipping away at 53B cards right now I guess.  This acquisition puts me at 80 cards short of the 224 card set for 64% completion.  So who's Marlin Stuart?  He was a pitcher for the Tigers (1949-1952), Browns/Orioles (1952-1954), and Yankees (1954).  In 1953, Stuart led the league in Games Finished and was runner-up in Games Played, which was one of his most active seasons in the Majors.  Including his time in the Minors,  Stuart's professional career spanned 17 years between 1940-1956.       

Saturday, March 7, 2020

1953 Bowman #33: Pee Wee Reese, Brooklyn Dodgers

Just added this key card to my collection, turning my 1953 Bowman set into a real contender.  Next to Mantle, Pee Wee Reese is the only other 53B card valued above $1K.  I'm not really sure why though.  Who's that sliding into base? 

Binging: Over 11% of 53B set added

I just added 25 new cards to my 53B set so far this month, bringing the total set count to 142/224=63% out of the 3rd most valuable post-1948 set ($18k), behind 51B ($20k) and 52T ($65k).  For you segregationists out there, that's 128/160=80% Color series and 14/64=21% B&W series.  This was originally one of those sets that I didn't pay much attention to because of the minimalist design, but as I began learning to identify the faces of vintage players, this set became more interesting.  When I first started collecting it somewhere around 10 years ago, the Color series cards could be easily found for under 5% BV.  Nobody was collecting them.  It's getting a little tougher now, but I should be able to complete all of the Color series cards minus Mantle within the next couple of years at most.  The B&W series cards are a lot tougher but there aren't any real show stoppers, so it'll just require some patience to find the right deals.       

Friday, March 6, 2020

One card away from 1966 Topps set

I just paid the $30 BV for this overpriced card to bring me within one card of completing the 1966 Topps set.  I guess I just got tired of waiting for the price to go down.  The price range I was looking for was under $6.  Too many years had gone by so I bought it.  The only card I need now is Choo Choo Coleman, which goes for $60 even though it has only a $30 BV.  I could have bought in for under BV a couple of years ago but I thought that it was insane.  Now it is even more insane.  Nevertheless, this set will be complete before the year is through.    

Here were some free cards I got in the mail.

Keep ripping and posting.

Thursday, March 5, 2020

My '65T Set is Now History

Finally--the next time I come across some 65T cards, I can call them doubles and say I don't need any unless they are upgrades.  The same goes for the Embossed insert set.  It's literally been years since I've been waiting for a deal on the Mantle to complete this set.  There are a lot of fake 65T Mantle's out there, but fortunately, this is not one of them.  You'd have to get used to the L/R off-centering and the aged tape, but the rest is fine by me.  I will gladly add this low-grade card to my collection to complete the 65T set.  

So what's next?  This is now my fifth 60's set to be completed, leaving just five more 60's sets to go.  In the order that I expect to complete them are 66T (-2), 64T (-23), 67T (-3), 61T (-44), and 63T (-105).  All that's missing from my 60's collection is 177 cards in all.  It'll be a long and difficult journey, but hopefully, I'll be able to complete 4 of the 5 before the decade is over.  The only 2 cards that I expect to give me any serious trouble are 67T Seaver and 63T Rose.

Let me tell you.  I'm glad I focused almost all of my efforts on vintage over the past decade.  The prices of 40's-60's cards have skyrocketed over the past 5-10 years even though price guides haven't changed in over 20 years.  I used to get cards low-grade vintage from 5-20% BV.  Now, I'm looking at 20-40% BV at least.  It's really gotten bad.  All of these modern Archives and Heritage sets have done a great job distracting older collectors and enticing newer collectors while the vintage market kept going up right under people's noses.  Oooh, look at that shiny thing!!!  Me buy.  The collecting lessons from the Modern Card Crash of 1991 sure paid off.  Thanks TOPPS.  I'm off to my next vintage set.      

Wednesday, March 4, 2020

1991 Topps Archives #308-334

Here's the rest of the 1953 Topps extension set to 1991 Topps Archives that includes so many fantastic stars not included in the original release.