Sunday, February 9, 2020

1991 Topps Archives #281-307

This is a two-part series featuring all of the "cards that never were" from the 1991 Topps Archives set.  This part features the first 27 cards of this 54-card extension to the 1953 Topps set.  Unlike the original 53T's, the extension set does not consist of painted portraits, but it includes an all-star cast some really big names.    

Sunday, February 2, 2020

1953 Bowman #81: Enos Slaughter, St Louis Cardinals

I guess I'm collecting the 1953 Bowman set.  I can't seem to pick up any other cards I need.  Every since I talked about this set possibly being the best deal in vintage baseball at 5% BV, the price went up.  The good thing is that I can still find these at under 10% BV--at least for now.  Hall of Famer Country Slaughter is an $100 card in this set, shipped to me for $9.36 total.  This photo looks so nostalgic, but it appears like he's on some kind of long journey through the desert with three bats.  Hope he wasn't trying to plow a field with those bats now that I've given it another look.