Friday, January 17, 2020

High-Dollar 53B Card Binge

I just went on somewhat of a binge on some high-dollar cards from the 1953 Bowman set.  Without any deals on the few cards I need to complete multiple other sets, I went elsewhere and found the deals on some 53B Stars.  These 8 cards put me at just over 50% completion at 114 cards out of 224 total.  For you segregationists out there, the breakdown includes 64% (103 of 160) of the Color subset and 17% (11 of 64) of the B&W subset.  The highlight of this binge features #44 Mantle-Berra-Bauer with an $800 BV.         

#99 Warren Spahn $350 BV

#97 Ed Mathews $350 BV

#46 Roy Campanella $350 BV (slabbed and ready to be cracked)

#160 Cal Abrams $300 BV (last card in set)

#15 Johnny Mize $125 BV

#28 Smokey Burgess $50 BV

#2 Willard Nixon $40 BV

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