Tuesday, January 14, 2020

1957 Topps #1 Ted Williams, Boston Red Sox

As I run out of sets to collect, 1957 Topps finds itself more and more appealing.  At $600 BV, this card is a little overvalued.  I purchased this one for $48 taxed and shipped.  I've seen it in the $40-$50 easily for quite a while.  Most stars cannot be obtained in the 6%-8% BV range in any condition.  I often comb for sales of 50's stars as close to 10% BV as I can get, but usually find deals as low as 12-15% BV these days.  This card is more like a $400 BV item than a $600 BV item.  That or the rest of the 50's Topps inventory needs to be raised.  I think it's the other way around though.  Since I know that price guides are pretty much stuck on their figures these days, I'd say this card can be had at a great deal.     

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