Tuesday, December 15, 2020

First Purchase in Months: 1955 Bowman #257

For the first time in months, I've finally added to my collection at an affordable price.  Tom Alston cost me $3.19 after shipping and taxes ($1.49 + $1.49 + $0.20).  The ideal price for this $15.00 card would have been $3.00, so this isn't bad at all.  Unfortunately, I don't see this as a trend, but more as a fluke.  I have not been to any card shows in a few years now, but as for online shopping, I see prices inflated to unbelievable rates.  As an online seller, I see taxes and fees making it difficult to even be worth selling the card, as well as buyers demanding the most extravagant shipping methods, or leaving negative feedback even if a card was received in advertised condition.  A stamped envelop is a perfectly fine method for sending a card in a semi-rigid sleeve.  I charge $0.99 for that which certainly doesn't cover the listing and final value fees.  Stamps, envelopes, paper, and card sleeve costs all make $0.99 shipping a great deal.  No, there'll be no tracking, but I've only had 2 complaints of packages not received in almost 20 years.


Friday, November 27, 2020

Burnt Offering #4: 1953 Topps reprints and Golf Sets

Here's the last of my burnt offerings for now.  It's over 100 reprints from the 1953 Topps set with plenty of stars.  Also, I burnt a 2001 Upper Deck Golf set with a bunch of Tiger Woods rookies (not shown), a 1990 ProSet Golf set with variations and hologram (below), and a 1991 ProSet Golf set with variations and hologram (below).  I was originally selling the 2001 Golf set for $9.99 plus $5.99 shipping (offers accepted) and got tired for waiting after a year on Ebay.  I was also selling the 1990-1991 Golf sets with all variations and both holograms for the same price without luck.  The 1953 reprints were all listed from $1-$4 each depending on card, but no biters after many years.  I figured they were all worthless and put them to the flames.  I can't wait to burn some more cards.  


Thursday, November 26, 2020

Burnt Offering #3: 1949 1951 1952 1953 Bowman Reprints

These were the 1949, 1951, 1952, and 1953 Bowman reprints that went up in flames recently.  I didn't withhold any of the stars, but got tired of taking individual pictures because the piles got so big.  Wait until you see the 1953 Topps reprints I set ablaze in my next post.    

Sunday, November 22, 2020

Burnt Offering #2: 1948 Bowman reprints

 This is 25% of the 1948 Bowman reprint set.  They couldn't even sell for a $1.

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Put your Money where your Mouth is

I stopped worshipping cards about 4 years ago when I first heard God's call.  As proof, I burned approximately 80,000-100,000 cards dating back to the late-1970's when I sold my farm a couple of years ago.  Most readers know that I've kept reprint sets in my collection for 1948-1954 Topps/Bowman sets that I've replaced one-by-one with originals.  Once replaced, I put the reprints for sale online.  Boxes and boxes of reprints for sale online began to build up over the years.  At $1 each, with combined shipping options, my reprints would rarely sell.  Ebay has evolved to the point that has made selling more and more difficult for sellers.  Limited free listings each month with your listings disappearing if you don't relist within 60 days.  If your listing expires, you have to take another picture of your card and then create a whole new listing for hundreds of cards that Ebay removes if you don't relist in time, or pay.  I had a box of about 800 reprints from 1948-1954 that I didn't feel like taking pictures of and selling.  I know some of you out there think there are a bunch of starving kids out there that could eat these cards, but I'm sure they'll survive without them.  I have a few of these posts coming, since vintage is unaffordable right now.  Watch 'em burn.    


Saturday, October 31, 2020

Vintage Baseball has become unaffordable

 I haven't gone anywhere.  I just haven't been able to purchase anything off of my want list for a while, which includes a short list of 1948-1964 Topps/Bowman (and 3 from 67T).  The prices have become outrageous and completely unaffordable for me, so I wait.  Hope your collecting endeavors are going better than mine.  I'm thinking about throwing a bunch of 1950's reprints in a bonfire this afternoon.  That might give me something to post on.


Thursday, August 20, 2020

1940's Bowmans

One new addition for each of the 1940's Bowman sets.  The Reiser addition puts the 48B collection at only 6 away from completion, while the 49B addition just over 25%.  


Saturday, August 15, 2020

Still Collecting Old Bowmans

I'm still getting adjusted to this new Blogger format.  It inserts pictures backwards, so I have to do it one at a time.  Glad I don't have 20 photos to upload.  Just 2 new acquisitions today.  

Red Schoendienst has been a tough one to find at a decent price until now.  At $8.08, I almost got this one for 10% BV.  This acquisition leaves only Mantle for low series cards.  Otherwise, we're now talking 5 more high series cards to complete the 53B Color series.  

With the acquisition of this umpire, I'm now missing only 1 more umpire card to complete the extensive umpire set.  I think there are a total of 30 umpires in this 320-card set.  Overall, I'm down to the last 9 mostly common cards to complete 55B.

Sunday, July 19, 2020

Pushing Past 20% Set Completion: 51B

I was able to smash past that 1 card I needed to get to 20% completion and ordered 7 cards.  5 of them were on Sportlots, so I don't have pictures of them.  Below are the other 2 cards I ordered to help push this set past the 20% completion barrier.  Bob Elliott was a nice pick-up: 7x All-Star, 1947 NL MVP, 1948 NL Pennant, 1948 Walks Ldr, and 3x on HOF Ballot.  Elliot was born in San Francisco 2 years after Joe Dimaggio.  I wonder if they knew each other.   

Saturday, July 18, 2020

Diamonds in the Rough: 51B

Guess who just found 19 new 1951 Bowmans?  You guessed it.  What an unbelievable find.  My 51B collection just increased by 42% overnight (from 45 to 64 cards).  It might only be a small dent in the bigger picture of 324 cards, but with only 1 more acquisition, I can be at 20% set completion.  I think working to 25% completion will be fun, so I'll be looking for an additional 17 cards in the near future.  What I like about this set is that they are all familiar to me after completing the 1950 Bowman set.  The first 252 cards are nearly exact replicas of the previous year, but with larger photos, but with names on the front too.  I had to learn these players through their photos only with the 50B set.  Also, the 50B set had a low number shortage of 72 cards, so players like Joe Page below were hard to get, but easier with 51B.  I have bids on 2 more cards, so hopefully I get that 1 needed to make this collection reach 20%.  I also have the reprint set so that all cards are integrated.  These originals will replace the reprints, which will be listed for sale.   These acquisitions also bring my 48B-55B collection to well over 60% completion.  Of the 1903 early Bowman cards ever made, I am only missing 747 of them.  Yeah, that number isn't going down very far anytime soon.