Saturday, November 30, 2019

2007 Topps Variations #40b & #UH100b

Here are a couple of randoms that were once part of my disassembled 2007 Topps collection.  The first one needs no introduction.  I will be at Cooperstown in July 2020 to watch Jeter's induction ceremony live.  In the background are Mantle and Bush.  The next card is a very rare variation/error of #UH100 featuring Jacoby Ellsbury's RC.

My 1955 Bowman Binder is now arranged for Set Completion

With only 26 missing cards to complete the 1955 Bowman set, I decided to put my binder in set formation this morning.  Previously, I would just start a new page for each team, but I recently ran out of pages so I finally got around to consolidating this set.  The 1955 Bowman set fits neatly into 40 8-pocket pages.  I looked up the 26 cards I was missing to determine what teams they belonged with and left the appropriate number of spaces after each team.  During this process, I realized that I was missing one less card than I originally thought so I marked it off my checklist.  I also discovered which team sets had already been completed and which ones are missing the most amount of cards.  It appears that 7 of my 26 missing cards are actually umpires, which I am placing in the back of my binder in numerical order.  I also removed all the penny sleeves that I kept the cards in so that the 1" binder wasn't so fat.  I took pictures of every completed page, which comes out to 20 photos below.  

Getting My '55B Bolling's Straight

Milt and Frank Bolling were mixed up in the 1955 Bowman set.  I just replaced the errors below with the corrected versions, and these are now being removed from my personal collection.  Some errors I collect; these I don't.  #48 Milt Bolling of Red Sox is up top, and #204 Frank Bolling of Tigers is down below.   

Friday, November 29, 2019

My 1977 Topps Set Binders

This post was actually a lot more interesting earlier today, but since the beer has now worn off, I decided to change it.  By the way, here's my 1977 Topps set binders.