Monday, October 14, 2019

Just So Much Vintage Set Building

     I'm still here, but I've been doing more set building than blogging.  I took a trip to Cooperstown over the weekend as a HOF museum member and found a few cards at the local shops there.  The majority of my acquisitions, however, are coming from Ebay and Sportlots.  A quick glance at my set compilation tab shows that I've remained active.  1958 Topps needs are now at only 9 cards with all but one of the major stars.  1953 Topps is now over 200 cards and 75% complete.  1955 Bowman is now at 85% complete.  1963 Topps had the most sigificant jump at 447 out of 576 cards for 77% complete.  Here are a few recent Hall of Fame acquisitions.