Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Another Vintage Binge: 1955 Bowman

I just ordered 17 new cards from the 1955 Bowman set.  The count is now at 274 out of 320 cards.  Of the 46 missing cards, only 6 of them are low numbers while 40 of them are high numbers.  With the Aaron acquisition, all of the missing low number are commons.  Except for some missing umpires, the rest of the high numbers are commons and minor stars.  At 85% completion, this set is definitely achievable.  I can see celebrating completion of this set sometime in 2020.  Most readers of this blog know I'm a Topps guy, but when it comes to 1940's-1950's cards, Bowman is every bit as good as Topps to me.  I couldn't choose one brand over the other between 1951-1955 because I think they both complement each other very well.  From 1948-1950, Bowman definitely rules.        

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