Wednesday, September 4, 2019

100 more cards to complete 9 different 60's sets

I did a quick check after going on a 1964 Topps card binge and discovered that I'm exactly 100 cards short of completing 9 of the 10 sets from the 1960's.  Here's the tally: 61T = 57, 64T = 33, 65T = 1, 66T = 5, and 67T = 4.  The only other missing 60's cards in my collection come from the 1963 Topps set.  Gaining 6 new cards might not seem like much of a binge but when those 6 cards bring you down to only 33 missing, it feels like an accomplishment.  How much of an accomplishment?  Well, I would have brought it down the total number of missing to 32 cards if I could.  It's not that the cards are any more expensive than some 1930's commons, it's just that the sale prices in comparison to the listed book values just aren't matching up.  1960s cards have really taken a jump in pricing over the past 2-3 years and modern price guides haven't seemed to notice yet. 


  1. Which 4 do you need to complete the 1967 set?

  2. #535 581 605 609. Its also posted on my wantlist tab.

  3. I also need the Tom Seaver and Tommy John cards. Rod Carew too.