Monday, August 12, 2019

Transitioning between Baseball Cards and Beckett Monthly price listings

I just received my first issue of Baseball Cards in the mail and I was simply amazed.  This magazine blow Beckett out of the water.  Unbelievable.  Now, I'm just comparing monthly magazines (not annuals) from the 80's decade.  I'm building a monthly database of Topps card set values and was concerned that there'd be no correlation between the values of both magazines but they appear to correlate well.  There are 4 issues between the Fall 1983 Baseball Cards magazine and the NOV 1984 Beckett Monthly magazine.  The listed prices between the two were very close, so I am extending my price database beyond Beckett's 1st issue using Baseball Cards magazine prior to NOV 1984.           

In 1983, Baseball Cards magazine listed their pricing in EX-MT condition, which came after MT according to their standard at the time.  Baseball Cards used 3 price columns, which also included VG and G pricing.  

Beckett has always gone by a HI and a LO column.  In the first issue Beckett correlates the HI column to EX-MT and the LO column to VG, which correlates to the first 2 columns of Baseball Cards magazine.  I never liked the HI and LO columns and wish they would pick 2 grades.  Today, the HI column would represent NM condition.

Here's a clip from my database.  I put all the values from the Fall 1983 Baseball Cards issue between OCT83-MAR84 since there was only a Spring and a Fall issue from 1981-1983.  Beginning in 1984, there were 4 issues each year.  I'm using only Beckett pricing beginning from NOV 1984 onward for now.

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