Sunday, August 25, 2019

Replacing '52T Reprints

I don't understand some collectors' issues with reprint sets.  Are you interested in just looking at age or the actual content behind what has aged.  Most people will never complete the 1952 Topps set.  Is that any reason to be unfamiliar with the players and cards that make up the 407-card set?  I would not want to live my life ignorant of this set just because it wasn't all completely original.  I say this to the historians, which many vintage card collectors identify as.  I mean not mean non-historians and historians alike may be interested in this year's edition of Topps Archives or Topps Heritage, simply for the nostagia of it all, but I would think that historians and students of the game would be more interested in what the original sets looked like.  Whether the card was real or not should only be a matter of affordability, but that's only the opinion of one collector.  Today, I replaced the following reprints with originals.  They served their purpose well and will retire from my collection with honor.  Well done, 1952 reprints.    

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