Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Comparison of Babe Ruth Checklist Articles

Here's a quick comparison between an old Beckett Monthly and a Baseball Cards magazine.  Both issues feature a Babe Ruth card checklist.  The Beckett article is from February 1995 and starts with 1921 Exhibits.  The checklist is missing every Ruth card from before 1921, and mostly only includes Exhibits cards from 1921-1932.  The Baseball Cards magazine is from the Fall of 1983, and includes over 30 non-Exhibit cards between 1921-1932 that are not included in the much more recent Beckett magazine.  Key cards missing from the Beckett article are Sporting News, Collins-McCarthy, all American Caramels, US Caramel, National Caramel, Tharps, and all Strip Cards.  One key card that both magazines is missing is the 1914 Baltimore News card.

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