Thursday, August 29, 2019

As Close as I'll ever get to 55T set completion?

For what seems like quite a while, I've been stuck at 203 out of 206 for the 1955 Topps set.  Ken Boyer was the next lowest hanging fruit available at $80 BV, but I wasn't finding anything below 20%-25% BV.  Finally, I was able to find this one for $8 + $1 = $9, or 11% BV.  This recent acquisition now closes the gap of my 55T set down to only 2 missing cards.  The only problem is that those 2 missing cards are #123 Sandy Koufax RC and #164 Roberto Clemente RC valued at $1200 BV and $2200 BV respectively.  Needless to say, I'll probably be stuck at 204 cards in the 55T set for a while.   

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