Thursday, July 18, 2019

Bob Uecker is surprisingly costly and so disappointingly undervalued

One of the toughest 1960's Topps baseball cards to get in terms of actual costs vs. book value belongs to Bob Uecker.  I just can't figure it out though.  Did somebody try to buy up all of his cards over the years or what?  Uecker's 1964 Topps card lists for only $40, which means that I should be able to find one in Poor condition for somewhere between $4-$8 (10%-20% BV), but actually finding one for under $30 (75% BV) is even a little bit of a challenge.  For comparison purposes,  '64T Rose books at $250 and Clemente books at $200, but with a little patience I found them both for about $25 and $20 each, respectively (10% BV).  I can easily find a low-grade '64T Koufax ($120 BV), Musial ($100 BV), Mays ($100 BV), or Aaron ($100 BV) for far less than I can find a low-grade Uecker ($40 BV).  It's truly amazing.  I understand that the market is what it is, but the question remains--do price guides actually understand the market anymore?  His value hasn't changed since at least the '90s.  Should Bob Uecker actually be in the Hall-of-Fame as a broadcaster?  I mean his cards are worth more than Aaron, Mays, Musial, and Koufax.  Even knowing this, Uecker's card market still never fails to surprise me year after year as I attempt to mark his card off of my wantlists.  With a BV of $15 for '63T and a BV of $40 for '64T, leading price guides appear clueless as to Uecker's true value as well as with many other cards.  This isn't a price fluctuating thing.  Uecker's high market is consistent.  Both '63T and '64T need to be bumped up to at least $100 BV.  You know what that means.  If all other card values in '64T remain the same, then the top cards of '64T in order goes: Mantle $500, Rose $250, Clemente $200, Koufax $120, and then 4 tied for $100 (Aaron, Musial, Mays, and Uecker). Truly unbelievable.  It is what it is.  Bob Uecker doesn't come cheap.        


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    1. Yeah, I think so. Between his announcing and his TV acting he’s more well-known, especially to relatively young collectors, than some Hall of Famers. I’m not surprised his cards go for star-level prices.

  2. Great Post and agreed! I am a Milwaukee fan and have been looking to add the 1963 Milwaukee Braves Uecker you have pictured above to the collection. In looking a bit, seems to be a ton of reprint of the 1963 card for a few dollars, but I haven't been able to find a 1963 one for anything close to the BV you mention above. A graded one of the 1963 always seems to be at least $50. If getting ungraded, knowing there are so many reprints, I'll be wondering is this just a reprint and I can't tell even if paying the higher amount!

    I don't know a ton about how Beckett arrives at their price guide, but think the number of reprints out there effect the value of the originals?