Thursday, July 11, 2019

Vintage Card Fixes on '54B

I shouldn't share this trick, but here we go.  This 1954 Bowman #165 was once glued to something paper and then ripped off.  I see this a lot with 1950's cards.  It's like they were scrap booked or something.  Anyways, I sometimes see these cards where someone tried to rip the glued paper off the back causing permanent paperloss damage.  The solution is to dab small amounts of water onto affected areas and allow to soak for a couple minutes.  Then you just rub and scratch the excess paper off and let dry.  If you use too much water or rub too much, you'll end up ripping too much paper off.  It's better to be patient and perform multiple iterations of this technique and easy to mess up.  I did this one in a hurry and still managed to only lose a couple letters in the word Chicago.  There it is.  You should already know that gum stains can be rubbed off with a dry cotton t-shirt.  

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