Friday, July 19, 2019

1951 Topps #A49 (Red): Al Zarilla, Chicago White Sox

Al Zarilla played 10 seasons in the Majors for 3 different teams between 1943-1953.  Interestingly, he started with the Browns, Red Sox, White Sox, and then went back to the Browns and then the Red Sox.  Zarilla appeared in the 1944 World Series and was an All-Star in 1948 for the Browns.  He hit good for AVG and Doubles, earning league Top 10 three times in each category.  He was also a good Triples hitter, but wasn't always so great defensively.  Zarilla spent his entire MLB career in the outfield--mostly right.  After being released by the Red Sox at the start of 1954, Zarilla played in the Minors, which spanned from 1938-1956.  He missed the 1945 season while serving in the Army.         

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