Wednesday, July 24, 2019

1951 Bowman Reprint Replacements

I recently replaced these Bowman reprints with originals. My '51B collection now comfortably rests above the 10% mark, which is my first real benchmark in building a new set.  It really only means that I've finally entered the market for a set but I'm far from serious about it at this point.  Overall, '51B is fairly affordable in comparison with similarly aged sets except for 3 cards: Mantle, Mays, and Ford.  Since completing the '68T set in reverse chronological order, I've been the map between 1948-1967 collecting where the best deals were to be found.  Since then, I've completed 94% of the 60's Topps collection (missing only 324 cards), 68% of the 40's-50's Topps collection, and 47% of the 40's-50's Bowman collection.  Goal is to continue chipping away at nearly completed sets and go after the best value on commons to build up the percentages.  When supplemented with reprint cards like all of my incomplete sets up to 1953, the urgency to build originals isn't so great, which may be why I haven't become too serious about 1951 Bowman yet. 

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