Monday, June 3, 2019

Unbelievable 1954 Topps Acquisition

I didn't expect to be adding anymore '54T cards to my collection any time soon, and was absolutely shocked today when I was able to find a reasonably priced Al Kaline RC for 12.6% BV.  With a $700 BV, I've been hoping to find a low grade card for about 10% BV (or $70) to no avail.  Up until just a couple of years ago, I could typically find most '50s stars in low grade condition for under 10% BV with just a little bit of patience (15%-20% BV for commons), but not anymore.  Even during the time period when low-grade '50s stars were accessible for under 10% BV, I never found a Kaline RC drop to anywhere near 10% BV in any grade (was it time to raise BV?).  At $88.26 ($78.99 card + $3.50 S&H + $5.77 tax) total cost, I came really close to that 10% mark.  My 1954 Topps set is now missing only 1 card for completion. 

None of these posts are intended to boastful.  This blog emphasizes the statistical, analytical, and strategical aspects of card collecting.  The goal is to complete the entire collection of 20th Century Topps baseball cards as cheaply as possible.  It's the same dream I've held since 1987.  I'm not a poetic storyteller--that gift wasn't given to me.  I'm an engineering/business major that thinks mostly in terms of numbers--efficiencies,  trends, and optimization.  I don't have time to buy a box of Upper Deck Looney Tunes cards just so I have some off-the-wall topic to write about.  I don't collect on random whims like a dog that just caught a new scent in the woods.  I'm very focused on Topps/Bowman set completion and I don't have a whole lot of extra space or time for long-term storage around the house.  I've moved from coast-to-coast twice within the past 4 to 5 years--from D.C. to the Pacific Northwest, to the South, and then the North Atlantic--and I'm not sure where I'll be one year from now.  That's why my collection has to remain tidy and well-organized, which so happens to be my skill.  This blog shares my collecting experiences and decision-making process in a strategic attempt to achieve set completion objectives as quickly and cheaply as possible.  I share what I feel are the important aspects of buying and selling, such as grading and pricing principles and applications.  You can count on my next post being something significant that I either acquired or am getting rid of, as well as the decisions and/or parameters surrounding that event.           


  1. I envy the focus and discipline with which you have built your collection.
    That Kaline is a beautiful piece of history. Congrats!