Friday, May 10, 2019

So close to 1959 Topps set completion

When you're a 1950's-1960's Topps/Bowman set builder, acquiring of all of a set's Mantle cards typically signifies that you're near the end of an uphill climb.  Today,  I've hit the downward slope on yet another 1950's Topps set journey.  After receiving a good deal on this high-number Mantle All-Star card last night, I went ahead and overpaid just a little on 4 other missing cards, bringing my total on the 1959 Topps set to within only 5 cards of set completion for this 572-card set.  When I say overpaid, I'm talking about an additional 5% BV on top of the 10%-20% BV that I would have typically paid.  For $15 commons, I paid $3.75 instead of $2.25-$3.00 and for a $125 W.Mays All-Star, I paid $18.90 instead of $12.50-$18.75.  The last 4 of my 5 missing cards will be fairly easy to obtain over the next few months: #530 Moon, #552 Stengal AS, #559 Banks AS, and #562 Kaline AS.  The one card that might give me some trouble is the #530 B.Gibson RC.  My Beckett lists it for $300, so I'd be looking to pay as close to $30 as possible.  I can't even find one for $45 or $60.  It is not typical to be unable to find low-grade 1950's stars for 10%-20% BV, except for Mantles.      

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