Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Collecting Wax Pack Wrappers: 1966 Topps

In the back of most of my Topps set binders, is a folded up empty wax pack wrapper.  Actually, I use a single card to help shape and stiffen the wrapper.  Before today, I had only every wrapper dating back to 1969 Topps.  These wrappers start costing more than a low grade Mantle in the '60s, but I was able to find this one for $10.99 shipped.  I'm still missing 1967 and 1968, but it'll probably be a while before I find an affordable one.  I don't collect all the back ad variations, but I do collect the front cover variations like 1973 Topps.  1966 Topps was the first year that 1-cent packs were not available.  Minimum purchase in 1966 was 5-cents.  The 1966 wrapper looks very similar to the 1974 and 1976 wrappers.  

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  1. Nice! I've been slowly trying to collect all the Topps baseball wrappers (including variations) from 1969 through the present. I have a handful of the '70's wrappers but still have quite a ways to go. I like your idea of using a card to fold and shape the wrapper for your set binder. Congrats on landing the '66 wrapper!