Tuesday, December 31, 2019

1948 Topps Acquisitions

Well, my final acquisitions for 2019 include a couple of 1948 Topps cards to bring my collection up to 6 cards out of 19 total. The first card is #K2 Cleveland Indians. It features Hall of Famer Lou Boudreau scoring against the Boston Braves in game 2 of the 1948 World Series. Boudreau got on base after hitting an RBI Double to RF off of Warren Spahn, and then scoring from 2B off a single to LF by Hall of Famer Joe "Flash" Gordon in the 4th inning.  The Indians would go on to win the World Series in 6 games with Boudreau earning his 1st AL MVP award as well as earning his 8th All-Star appearance.     

The second card is #K8 Rogers Hornsby long after his Hall of Fame career ended in 1937.

1995 Archives: 1952 Topps #408-410

The 95T Archives set produced 3 new 52T's reprints that were never actually made #408-410.   

Monday, December 30, 2019

Some More 53B's

Here are the rest of my 53B reprints that were replaced with originals this month.  Stan Musial and Gil Hodges highlight this lot.

#32 Stan Musial
#17 Virgil Trucks
#8 Al Rosen
#14 Billy Loes
#92 Gil Hodges
#134 Johnny Pesky

Thursday, December 26, 2019

Just Two to Go for '66T Set

Although not as tough as the 1967 Topps set, the 1966 Topps has been pretty darn tough too.  The only Topps sets I've failed to complete to date include everything between 1952-1967.  My 54T, 58T, 59T, and 65T sets are all missing only 1 card.  My 55T and 66T sets are now just missing 2 cards.  My 67T set is missing 3 cards.  I now can now say that I fully expect to complete the 1966 Topps set in 2020.  So who is Mel Queen anyways?  Well, he was a 7-year MLB veteran for the Reds and Angels from 1966-1972.  Yep.  That seems to be about it.  I couldn't find anything else really interesting about him except that he's been on my wantlist forever and he has a name that seems to stand out.  What's funny is that I feel like I know this guy.  So what's next?  Well, it's time to acquire #561 Choo Choo Coleman and #544 Cardinals Rookies, of course.        

2006 Topps Rookie of the Week Set #1-25

This set is full of some of the coolest "card that never was" reprints.  Most are variations of actual rookie cards.  I used to have them integrated into my sets next to the original cards.  They have now been dis-integrated and listed for sale as part of my downsizing.